Houstoun House

The earliest mention of Houstoun can be found in a charter granted by David II to William Douglas in 1342.  It can be found once again in a charter of 1354.

The Houstoun Estate was bought in 1569 by John Shairp, who was an advocate.  Houstoun House was built in the 16th century, and between then and the 20th centuries, it was home to the Shairp family.

An extension was built on the north-west side of the house in 1737, and in the early 1830's, the main entrance was moved to the east side of the house.

Various Shairp family members owned the house until 1945.  For more than three decades now, it has been the Houstoun House Hotel.

Below is a list of the inheritors of Houstoun with approximate dates.  The information was supplied by Treva McNally of Canada, who visited Uphall and Houstoun House in 2008.

  • Until 1608, Sir John Shairp (m. Agnes Moffatt, Euphemia Acheson, Margaret Collace)
  • 1608 - 1638, Sir John Shairp, his son (m. Christian Reid, Helen Sinclair)
  • 1638 - 1658, Sir John Shairp, his son (m. Christian Hamilton)
  • 1658 - 1687, Major William Shairp, his uncle (m. Elizabeth Nicholson)
  • 1687 - 1735, Thomas Shairp, his son (m. Christian Murray)
  • 1735 - 1772, Thomas Shairp of Blance, his nephew and son-in-law (m. Janet Shairp)
  • 1772 - 1780, Thomas Shairp, his son (m. Anne Scott)
  • 1780 - 1833, Thomas Shairp, his son (m. Mary Rich MacLeod)
  • 1833 - 1864, Major Norman, his son (m. Elizabeth Binning Campbell)
  • 1864 - 1891, Thomas Shairp
  • 1891 - 1913, John Campbell Shairp, his nephew
  • 1913 - 1918, Norman Shairp, his son
  • 1918 - 1940, John Walter Shairp, his brother


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